OCF path planning: / Smoking Subcommittee



Mission: To create a model smoking station unit, variable in size, aesthetically pleasing, contained, functional for both smokers and non-smokers, non-permanent structure, that can be effectively implemented wherever necessary.





Must be attractive. A tee-pee comes to mind, both attractive and ventilated, as well as consistent with our image if done correctly.



Fans: Preferably solar powered. For ventilation and exhaust.

Venue Viewing: Especially in future stage developments of our event. Not feeling like you have to leave the party in order to smoke.

Lights: Preferably Solar if any

Seating Benches not straw bails. Maybe avoid an overabundance of seating

Flooring Burlap? Protect the ground from butts and anything else

Butt Cans Got to have them

Recycle Stations Convenience. perhaps placement near existing kiosks as to not add additional recycling units

Sizes: Units to be made in large and medium









Places To Put them:

Main Stage/Politics Park/ Sauna Park/ Drum Tower/ Upper River Loop/ Spirit Tower/ Chela Mela/ Craft Lot/ Main Camp area (for pre&post)


Places Not to Put Them

New Kids Loop / Youth Stage





2013 Implementations


Please keep in mind when considering Smoking Stations for 2013 that these units are conceptual and gesture toward both the public whom desire better accommodations as well as public who wish to have a greater barrier between non-smoking and smoking areas.


Solar panels satisfy our desire to present as sustainable and responsible. We have found (with help from Paxton) Fans that are large enough to move a sufficient amount of sq ft as well as run on 12v (maximum capacity of solar power). This year may be tough to implement the full vision, but we are on the right track.




2 prototypes


The first is more of a lean to / shade structure, thought is for the upper river loop


The second is a TEE PEE structure like the one on page one. Sites in mind are politics park or by the sauna. Floor of 17 diameter.