Get ready for big changes! The Crafts Lot, christened "Avant Gardens," will be open to the public in 2015. We need to open more public space to alleviate crowding in the Figure 8, create replacement booth sites, meet Vision Quest goals, and provide creative and changing offerings to our public.

The Maximum Flexibility concept, proposed by the Path Planning Committee and approved by the Board of Directors, minimizes hard structures within the meadow and offers the opportunity to create the space anew each year. Rotating uses, new vendors, invited artists and featured crafts in one-year-only booths would draw the public. Avant Gardens could also serve as a venue for “second-weekend” events during the months after the Fair, such as concerts and festivals.

Features of the Maximum Flexibility option:


See a map (updated May 2015) that provides an example of how Avant Gardens might look. For map fans, there's lots more at the map section of this website.


Knowing the bearing and elevation of the sun can help when designing shade structures. NOAA's Solar Angle Calculator provides this information. The Crafts Lot is at 44.0548 degrees North, -123.3724 West. Set the time zone to -8 and check the DST box for daylight saving time. Fill in the date and time of interest.


The Crafts Lot Operating Group (CLOG) is developing operating plans for the new space. Here are some of their documents.

The roles and responsibilities for development of the Crafts Lot.

Preliminary report on programming.

Criteria for booth selection.

The projected numbers of booths to be placed in 2014, 2015, and 2016.



from Kaya Skye: a dance stage in Ballpark Formation

from Gaelen Laue: Energy Park Annex ideas

from Brian D. Bontempo: A Little Taste of India

fromn Cerin Ponce: Artist Cooperative Proposal



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