Our Mission
The Path Planning Committee advises the Board of Directors and operations personnel on conditions of the paths and other public spaces at the Oregon Country Fair, emphasizes the importance of the public Fair-goers' experiences, identifies needs and goals of Fair family and the public, and recommends changes and additions to enhance and improve public spaces and infrastructure. The committee is charged with designating replacement space to compensate for booth areas lost to river erosion or other causes.

Our Meetings
We usually meet thirteen days after the first Monday of the month. Our meetings usually start at noon and last three hours.The committee is a conduit for the Fair family to give voice to path concerns that are conveyed to the Board and operations personnel. Anyone can make comments or recommendations during the "Public Comments" agenda item or during the discussion of other agenda items.



Email path planning (see below) to request a link to the Zoom meeting.

Path Planning

  January 15, 2022 Sunday

Noon-3 meeting Alice’s and Online



Announcements/Public Comments:

Minutes review, amend, approve (Dec 18, 2022)

Agenda review, amend, approve

Diversity Learning Moment: Jon




Board Liaisons

Work Group Reports: Just the Tip, SWAG, Fair Care

Committee Liaisons - Committee best practices, LUMP, Safe Fair, Carbon Neutral, Craft/Food, Peach Power, Fair Care, others?

Subcommittees Check in (Front of Fair, Smoking, Night lighting, Memoria, Cultural Resources, URL, Emerald Ash Borer, Wally’s Way)


Homework 12/18/22

Jon- Diversity Learning Moment

Everyone- watch the financial board work session zoom and look at working documents

Amy- smoking subcommittee

Ann- Share 70s map with group

Justin- FoF subcommittee; google poll, meet and site walk in preparation for January

Jon- suggestions for officer job descriptions committee

Ann- URL subcommittee-March

Amy- revisit call out letter; Identify people to encourage to attend (Michelle from Vaudeville)

Amy/Kirk- Invite Dance Pavillion, Childcare, Rainbow to Xavanadu conversation

Amy/Kirk- Study Group Formation and Determine and Assign study areas for 2023. I.e. Strawberry Lane, shady grove, rainbow connection, politics park, path widths, stage audience areas, replacement/expansion areas, crowd flow, numbers, pinch points etc.

    • Assign Subcommittee reporting months

Rosana- Share results of path measurement/stage areas with group

Rosana- Look into mapping options for trees

Paxton- Nightlighting SubCommittee

Paxton- email survey crew about possible stage exit polls

Kirk- Pocket Parks subcommittee emphasis on education about ash borer, utilizing public space

Anyone one from campsites who is interested in getting organized about emerald ash borer contact Kevin Hillery at


Xavanadu conversation with Dance pavilion, childcare, rainbow connection

  • Capital Project check in (how’s everyone doing and what do people need)
  • front of fair subcommittee report
  • Permanent new booths assignment-Sue/Justin
  • Stewardship convo/non profits - Justin
  • OCF 2023: projects and focus areas
  • Identify replacement/expansion areas

Topic and Feb Homework

    • Invite guests to New N Miss Piggies refer dock discussion (Maui)- lot, whitebird, ice, refer, camping, grumpy-traffic,
    • Invite spoken word and spirit tower folks to February meeting
  • Ongoing conversation : Consider how PP’s recommendations of path, stage and area usage, booth additions and subtractions; effects growth in the future; attendance, internal and external population, finances, budget, expenditures, crew sizes

Yearly work-plan. Check in and revise as needed


    • September: Diversity Learning Moment; OCF 2023 debrief,
    • October: Diversity Learning Moment, Officer assignments, Identify replacement/expansion areas,
    • November: Diversity Learning Moment, Guideline changes, du caniveaux- emergency entrance/exit access, seating needs,construction responsibility Determine study areas for 2023. Assign Study areas to work plan, Capital projects, Wally's subcommittee report, South side childcare, Invite Xavanadu coords, child care, rainbow to December, Politics Park Capital Projects- rebuild, rename, latches, shade, fans, EM1, standing urinal attenuation, ventilation stacks
    • December: Diversity Learning Moment, Budget Placeholder(s), Emerald Ash Borer-plan for counting, mapping for campers, veneta/elmira education/outreach 2023, Xavanadu Conversation invite to January include Dance Pavillion, Childcare, Rainbow, Memoria subcommittee report
    • January: Diversity Learning Moment, OCF 2023, Capital Project check in, Xavanadu conversation with Dance pavilion, childcare, rainbow connection. front of fair subcommittee report, Permanent new booths assignment-Sue/Justin Identify replacement/expansion areas, Invite guests to New N Miss Piggies refer dock discussion (Maui)- lot, whitebird, ice, refer, camping, grumpy-traffic, Invite spoken word and spirit tower folks to February meeting
    • February: Diversity Learning Moment, OCF 2023, Just the TIP report, New N Miss Piggies refer dock discussion (Maui), sound, front of fair design charette, southside childcare, Spirit Tower Discussion re-invigorate? Invite DuCaniveaux, Construction, Camping, Booth Reg and Archaeology to march meeting,
    • March: Site Walk focus UrL DuCaniveaux, Diversity Learning Moment, Site walk debrief- DuCaniveaux, Camping, Booth Reg and Archaeology discussion about camping, egress and exits for ducaniveaux, Politics Park- rebuild, rename, latches, shade, fans, EM1,Geodesic dome placement conversation, Replacement Spaces, OCF 2023, Identify replacement/expansion areas, memoria, Identify replacement/expansion areas, Data gathering brainstorm for 2023,
    • April: Diversity Learning Moment, OCF 2023, front of fair subcommittee, Replacement Spaces, Site Walk, Identify replacement/expansion areas, childcare at Wally's fence line no dark corners, Wally’s way subcommittee report, Spirit Tower Discussion, South side childcare, ambiance entertainment, attention to shady grove, programming solar stages/ replacement space for shady? Whitebird big and little,
    • May: Diversity Learning Moment , Site Walk Debrief, OCF 2023, Potluck, photo, Data gathering brainstorm for this year, Upper River signage changes and map update(destination based) decommission booths on URL, fix visibility on URL gate access area/safety/ night lights, pivot smoking booth to face down river, high fence, visual barriers, signage for rainbow connection/bipoc sanctuary, aerial artist safety/comfort vibe, Geo-Dome Purposes and Placement,


New Business: To be added during agenda review and meeting

Homework Review

Meeting Evaluation/last round

Confirm next meeting

Sub-committees, conveners and members; determine active and non-active, assign reporting months

  • Pocket Parks: C) Kirk S M) Jon P, Amy H, Stephanie,
  • Night Lighting: C) Paxton M) Amy H, Jon P, Dean, Sierra, Lisa P,
  • Front of Fair/Refer Dock: C) Justin M) Paxton, Dean, Jon P, Amy H, Spirit, Alexis, Corey,
  • Upper River Loop: C) Ann M) Sylvia, Kirk, Rosana, Justin
  • Community Village Entrance: C) Kirk M) David T, Justin, Sue, Jon P, David H,
  • Dust Abatement: C) Christy Banks M) Sylvia, Justin, Micheal Gibbons, Jon P, Renee Painter, Shelley Sue, *check in with Krystal Jackson about water crew involvement here*
  • Heritage Trees: David T, Susan DeFazio, Rosana
  • Cultural Resources: C) Jon P M) Ann, Tim, Cynthia,
  • Memoria: C) Kirk M) Alexis, Amy H
  • Smoking: C) Amy H M) Paxton, Shaz, Jon P, Kirk, Stephanie, Spirit
  • Handwashing: C) Dan Mix M) Amy Hardy, Krystal, Amy Hand, Jon P, Dean, Otis
  • ADA Accessibility: (C ) Emma (M) Michelle, Village David, Jon P, Kirk, Dean,*ON HOLD
  • Wally’s Way- C) Kirk , M) Amy, Jon, Johnny, Ann


Committee members:

Kirk Shultz, Amy Hand, Dean Middleton, Dennis Todd, Sue Theolass, Sylvia Fireman, Otis Gray, Jon Pincus, Spirit Leatherwood, Paxton Hoag, Justin Honea, Ann Rogers, Wren Arrington, Stephanie Head,



Emerald Ash Borer
committee minutes
projects, studies, and planning tools (includes Front of Fair studies)
the river and the path
suspension bridge plans for Long Tom River crossing
Dragon fire

gray water re-use and disposal
history of OCF path planning
Land Use Management and Planning manual
Vegetation management
Go-to-Meeting user's guide
e-mail pathplanning
e-mail the webmaster
Oregon Country Fair Family web site
Oregon Country Fair Public web site