Our Mission
The Path Planning Committee advises the Board of Directors and operations personnel on conditions of the paths and other public spaces at the Oregon Country Fair, emphasizes the importance of the public Fair-goers' experiences, identifies needs and goals of Fair family and the public, and recommends changes and additions to enhance and improve public spaces and infrastructure. The committee is charged with designating replacement space to compensate for booth areas lost to river erosion or other causes.

Our Meetings
We usually meet thirteen days after the first Monday of the month on the Fair site at Alice's or The Hub yurt. Our meetings start at noon and last three hours.The committee is a conduit for the Fair family to give voice to path concerns that are conveyed to the Board and operations personnel. Anyone can make comments or recommendations during the "Public Comments" agenda item or during the discussion of other agenda items.



November 12, 2017, 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Minutes, review, amend, and approve (September, October 2017)
Public comments
Agenda review, amend, approve (please add new business at this time)
Work plan review/update
November 12th meeting:
50th anniversary update, (Mainstage, Survey Crew Report moved to future agendas, as we are still waiting to hear back from them.) Memoria, an ongoing item. Dragon Fly stage, Eclipse Review, Smoking Areas, Safe Spots follow-up, (Red Rockers were to be added to work plan, can this be added to January? Or does it have be now so it can get funding thru budget timeline?)
December: Traditionally subcommittee work, but perhaps we might suggest workshop style on Smoking, if the timing is good with BOD work on this? Or Memoria? With guests.
January: Front of Fair report/Survey Results, Red Rockers, Safe Spots follow-up, 50th Anniversary projects, Main Stage 
Feb: Finalize Former Carving Area plans (lets rename this area)
March: Left blank for overflow
April: Generate Work Plan items for 2018-19, any displays for 2018 Fair?
May: Approve 2018-19 Work Plan, Potluck, take some photos

Board liaison
Subcommittees (front of Fair survey)
Old business
Memoria (note: now a committee project)
Dragon Fly stage
Eclipse debrief (David)
Safe spot continued (Spirit, follow-up)
New business (please add during agenda review)
Homework review
Meeting evaluation
Confirm next meeting date (Dec. 17, 2017, at the LCC Longhouse)

2017-18 Work Plan Draft
November: Memoria report (prepare if there will be capital project request) Main Stage Design/Build?
December: Subcommittee Round-up
January: Front of Fair finalize plans, further work on 50th related projects
February: finalize Carving Area plan
March: (left blank intentionally for work spillage. ;) 
April: Any Fair displays? Gather possible work plan items
May: Annual Potluck, Approve Work Plan for 2018-19 season