Projects, Studies, and Planning Tools

Identifying and protecting green zones--notes from LUMP committee meetings

Special Use Permit documents
Lane County approval of application Sept. 13, 2017
Appeal of SUP approval September 25, 2017
Reconsideration letter September 27, 2017
Operating Conditions for 2017 OCF

Front of the Fair studies
2012 Front of Fair Board work session
(.pdf, 361 KB)
Front of Fair subcommittee meeting April 17, 2016
(.pdf, 130 KB)
Front of Fair subcommittee meeting June 20, 2016 (.pdf, 250 KB)
Front of Fair subcommittee meeting October 29, 2017 (.pdf, 250 KB)
Front of Fair subcommittee meeting January 30, 2018 (.pdf, 194 KB)

A proposal for teepees as tobacco smoking stations

A web page dedicated to Crafts Lot design

A model of a proposed dance pavilion for Crafts Lot
and another view with some of the bleachers opened

Sketches of the "Sand Castle," a proposed new kids' play structure (.pdf 188 kb, .pdf 67 kb)

Pocket Parks subcommittee report

2010 Committee Report and Recommendation to the Board of Directors

Proposals for Crafts Lot and Gypsy Way

Background info (pdf., 344 kb.)

Gypsy Way plan poster (.pdf, 297 kb.)

Crafts Lot plan poster (.pdf, 296 kb.)

Conceptual designs (link to map index)

Pieces of the Puzzle planning check list

Path segment studies 2008-2009

East 13th path study

Entrances path study

Left Bank path study

Main Stage path study

River path study

Sesame Street path study

the river and the path
minutes of committee meetings
Path Planning Committee home page
Land Use Management and Planning manual
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