Our Mission
The Path Planning Committee advises the Board of Directors and operations personnel on conditions of the paths and other public spaces at the Oregon Country Fair, emphasizes the importance of the public Fair-goers' experiences, identifies needs and goals of Fair family and the public, and recommends changes and additions to enhance and improve public spaces and infrastructure. The committee is charged with designating replacement space to compensate for booth areas lost to river erosion or other causes.

Our Meetings
We usually meet thirteen days after the first Monday of the month. Our meetings usually start at noon and last three hours.The committee is a conduit for the Fair family to give voice to path concerns that are conveyed to the Board and operations personnel. Anyone can make comments or recommendations during the "Public Comments" agenda item or during the discussion of other agenda items.



NOTE THE DATE CHANGE for the September meeting

September 22, 2019, 12:00 - 3:00 PM, at Alice's on the OCF site.
Walkabout 10:00; meet at the Warebarn (please designate a note taker so a report can be made at the meeting).

Minutes, review, amend, and approve (May 2019)
Public comments
Agenda review, amend, approve (please add new business at this time)
Elect officers
Update work plan
Board liaison
Subcommittees (Restive Festive, patron shuttles)
Committee liaisons
Old business:
Fair debrief
Approve 2019-20 work plan
Long range planning
Approve meeting schedule and locations
New business (please add during agenda review)
Homework review
Meeting evaluation
Confirm next meeting date: Subcommittees October 20

Work Plan Draft

~September 22 at Alice's – full committee meeting; elect officers, fair debrief, update work plan, long term planning scope, house cleaning/contact sheet /subcommittee list. Invite guests; meet the ED. Set subcommittee meetings for Oct. homework/assignments. 
~October 20 at Alice's – subcommittee meeting; pockets parks/ smoking. Homework reminder.
~November 17 at Alice's – full committee meeting; review feedback from report and adjust work plan as needed. Subcommittee reports due. Pocket parks reports. Guest TBA (ambiance) old business, long term planning; alt locations for impacted zones .Politics park and mainstage, ADA, path improvements, recommendations, dust abatement. 
~December 15 at Alice's – subcommittees - cultural resources, night lighting, memoria. 
~January 19 at Alice's– full committee meeting –subcommittee reports; cultural resources night lighting, memoria. Guests (peach power and/or carbon neutral). Old business – Continued discussion on Politics Park and Main stage – ADA improvements, capital projects- long term planning /impacted spaces. 
~February 16 at Alice's- full committee meeting - front of fair subcommittee (meets before the meeting) solar array/peach power/ restive festive - reports from front of fair (same day). Guest (water in the future/grey water). Old business – LTP, carbon neutral work items. 
~March 15 at Alice's – Full committee meeting - subcommittee reports due from pocket park. Guest (TBA). Old business- ADA, LTP, follow up on alternative locations for impacted areas. 
~April 19 at Alice's – Full committee meeting. Subcommittee reports from pocket park. Guest (TBA). Old business; generate possible agenda items for2021 season. 
~May 17 at Alice's – Full committee meeting with potluck. Approve work plan. Old business; LTP, displays for fair, tie up loose ends. 

committee minutes
projects, studies, and planning tools (includes Front of Fair studies)
the river and the path
suspension bridge plans for Long Tom River crossing
sauna story pole installation
Dragon fire

gray water re-use and disposal
history of OCF path planning
Land Use Management and Planning manual
Vegetation management
Go-to-Meeting user's guide
e-mail pathplanning
e-mail the webmaster
Oregon Country Fair Family web site
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