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AVENZA Cell Phone GPS Mapping Project

OCF Context map, showing the site's connections to Fern Ridge wetlands and Coast Range hills. (.pdf, 553 KB)

LIDAR maps

OCF overview (.pdf, 427 kb)

OCF uplands (.pdf, 959 kb)

Planning Maps

Xavanadu (AKA Crafts Lot) draft June, 2016 (.pdf, 4,911 kb)

Xavanadu Second Event draft (shows Crafts Lot in off season) (.jpg, 546 kb)

Xavanadu max flex concept (.pdf, 362 kb)

Proposal for new Community Village entrance (Jan. 2013, .pdf, 1.0 mb. Big file, .pdf, 4.9 mb)

2012 Community Village entrances (.pdf, 608 kb. Big file, .pdf, 2.5 mb)

Sound corridors for "second weekend events" in Xavanadu (.pdf, 259 kb)

Site context of planning maps (.pdf, 248 kb)

Blank Planning Maps

Xavanadu planning map (.pdf, 374 kb)

download the 35" x 42" Xavanadu planning map to print (.jpg, 488 kb)

Wally's Way planning map (.pdf, 157 kb)

download the 35" x 38" Wally's Way planning map to print (.jpg, 543 kb)

Uplands planning map (.pdf, 266 kb)

Blue Moon Plaza booth footprints (.pdf, 46 kb)

Archaeology maps

Wally's Way archaeology sites (.pdf, 263 kb)

OCF Land Use Management and Planning Committee

LUMP zone map (.pdf, 727 kb)

OCF Cartography

2015 communications map (.pdf, 2.0 mb)

2015 communications map (loops) (.pdf, 2.8 mb)

OCF Planning Zone maps
submitted to Lane County Land Management Division

Activity zone (.pdf, 279 kb)

Camping zone (.pdf, 470 kb)

Open Space zone (.pdf, 295 kb)

Operations zone (.pdf, 258 kb)

Parking zone (.pdf, 310 kb)

LCLMD zone map of OCF area (.pdf, 506 kb)

Path Segment Study maps

East 13th (.pdf, 100kb)

Entries (.pdf, 126 kb)

Left Bank (.pdf, 178 kb)

Main Stage (.pdf, 103 kb)

River Paths (.pdf, 168 kb)

Sesame Way (.pdf, 84 kb)

Historic Maps

OCF area on 1854 map (.pdf, 527 kb)

OCF on 1854 map, close-up (.pdf, 222 kb)

Aerial Photos

OCF aerial photo (.pdf, 2017 kb)

Erosion hotspots (.pdf, 558 kb)

The river and the path
Minutes of committee meetings
Projects, studies, and planning tools
Path Planning Committee home page
Land Use Management and Planning manual
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